Saving Water, Promoting Health

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Saving Water, Promoting Health

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As much as we would love to believe otherwise, our planet is not plugged with an everlasting supply of water. Being acutely aware of the fact that life essentially depends on water and our water conservation choices influence the human health, we are required to do more than just speculate the depletion of our sustenance and leave the threats posed to our health unaddressed. We must act.
We at Nbios recognize that the lack of safe drinking water coupled with poor hygiene in our country are points of extreme concern. Appropriate hygiene is imperative in minimizing the incidence of waterborne diseases that thousands fall prey to throughout the year; hence, in observation of the current standards of hygiene and sanitation of our country, and being conscious of the challenges their improvement presents, we have decided to take it in our hands to educate the people with the basic hygienics. In apropos of the initiative “Saving Water, Promoting Health”, we at Nbios will be going to various schools and enlightening the masses with the significance of water conservation and the consequences of it’s improvident utilization, the environmental hazards to our health and the fundamentals of sanitation. With our belief in a better future propelling us forward, we will be relentless in our mission to conserve our precious source of water and to take whatever measures necessary to neutralize any threats to human health.

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January 31 2017


Date: January 31
Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

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