HotWheels USA Auto Show 2017

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HotWheels USA Auto Show 2017

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USA AUTOSHOW Rules and Conditions For Participants:

• These rules apply to all the CARS and MOTORCYCLES participants.
• We reserve the right to modify the rules listed to enhance the event without notice.

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. If any of above is carried, all associated vehicles and motorcycles, participants, or visitors will be removed from the venue by the security staff.


In order to avoid any potential risk of accidents and/or injury caused by the high volume of people/children wondering the show-car area during the hours before 1pm, while show cars are still being directed in and arranged, in each registered show car vehicle.

• END OF SHOW – Show cars and motorcycles exit time – could be as late as 6:00pm

While USA Autoshow ends at approximately 6:00pm after the award ceremony, you may be asked to wait to leave the parking garage as late as 6:30 pm . This is to facilitate our spectators exiting the parking garage safely, quickly and happily. We will do our best to clear the venue as quickly as we can, however please do not start your car’s engine until the parking garage is cleared of spectators. All vehicles and motorcycles will be asked to leave by GROUP in each parking zone. Unless any other directions are given to start engine to exit, or directed to do so by the security officers, you are NOT allowed to start the engine. NO EXCEPTIONS.

1) Show Car Entry begins at 10:30Am. Entry gate will be closed at 12:00Pm. Your car reserved spot is not guaranteed after 12:00pm.
3) General Public Admission Opens At: 12:00pm to 2:00 pm (subject to change). Spectator’s gate will be closed after 2:30pm.
If you have friends/family visiting you at the show, their cooperation to return to your car by 6:00pm will help you go home quickly.

4) NO, No squealing of tires, No burnout, No race or cruising Until it is officially started. Security officers will immediately escort out. Those participants found in those activities. Several people received tickets from EPD for racing on the street after the show, don’t be one of them.

6) Damaged Vehicles are not eligible to register USA Autoshow has right to cancel any registration that we determined based on submitted images and information. See USA Autoshow show-cars eligibility details.

7) Any Participants with emergency reasons to leave the show early, they must receive an authorization from USA Autoshow event staff .

8) Show Participants must follow all directions and maintain slow speed (under 5 mph) in the parking garage when drive from one area to other.

9) Parking Zones will be based on car makes and models, unless any other instruction given by USA Autoshow. Assigned parking spot is NOT to be altered . Please follow USA Autoshow staff instruction upon your arrival.

10) Visitors Arriving at the day of the show driving vehicles that were not originally registered (switching cars), will be held at the entrance area and re-assigned a parking spot based on availability. All parking spots are assigned based on information on the registration forms. No exceptions.

11) Reserved spots are not transferable without USA Autoshow authorization. Any participants with transferred spot will be held at the entrance area on the day of the show and re-assigned a parking spot based on availability: further instruction will be given at gate. Originally registered owners who want to transfer their spot must contact IMG/RIX by 2 weeks before the show.

12) “USA AutoShow Award Categories” is subject to change at any time without notice. Judges decision is final. Award categorize are decided by outside company and once decided it is final.

13) There will be NO ENTRY AT-GATE / DAY OF SHOW Registration, every participant should register online.

14) There will be NO ANIMALS allowed by participants, vendors or spectators.
15) Any other message or call will be fake except the organizer number. Registration link is given below :

Society Organising Event: EMS (Event Managment Society)
Manager Student Affairs: Miss Sana Mohsin
Muaz Khalid ‭+92 324 4698149‬
Jamal Bukhari ‭0322 8797704‬
President EMS: Salman Saeed ‭0323 4219097‬

Reg Deadlines: 16 November 2017

November 19 2017


Date: November 19
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


University of South Asia – A Q Khan Campus

5 Km Raiwind Road Lahore
Ali Razaabad, Pakistan

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